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Aging In Place

Valentines Day and The Elderly

By Amy Kemp  Resource:

Don’t forget the elderly when it comes to Valentines Day, better yet or any other holiday. As people get older, they may lose their spouse, but that is no reason not to celebrate Valentines Day. People need to remember that there are many ways to celebrate.

If an elder is able to get out, take them out to lunch or dinner to celebrate Valentines Day. For those with children, there is nothing like a hand made card. If the elder is able to eat candy, a small purchase of candy is always a good thought, but most likely to them, the thought of them just being thought of on this holiday will please the elder.

If an elder cannot get out of the house at all, bring Valentines Day to them. Let them know they are loved. Everything can be pre-cooked and brought to them, just inform them you want to visit them. Make sure you arrive before their meal time and make sure you do all the work. Don’t stress the elder. Bring paper plates, plastic ware, all disposable ware so they don’t have to do a thing so that when you leave you take the trash with you. If there are any left overs, you leave them with the elder so that they have something to eat later. While you are all eating, it is a great way to visit as well as give the elder a card and gift.

If long distance is an issue, pick up the phone. Tell the elder they are missed and loved. This will definitely make their day, and yours as well. Listening to a loved ones voice on Valentines Day can be a very special surprise gift.

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