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Module 1 – Alzheimer’s Inservice Post Test

A. Forgetting some parts of an experienceB. Using notes to remember somethingC. Memory loss that disrupts daily life

A. TrueB. False

A. Something that happened yesterday, like a visit from their daughterB. Something from their childhood, like growing up on a farmC. The name of a movie they just saw an hour ago

A. Vascular dementiaB. DiabetesC. Lewy Body dementia

A. CortexB. HippocampusC. Temporal lobe

A. Form words and languageB. Hear musicC. Feel emotion

A. The person may see things that aren’t there - this is called hallucinationsB. The person may not remember what you've just saidC. The person loses their hearingD. The person forgets how to do activities with a number of steps (like dressing)