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Module 2 – Alzheimer’s Inservice Post Test

A. To make sure that a person with dementia bathes every day.B. To promote a positive emotion in the person with dementia.C. To help a person with dementia remember to take care of themselves.

A. We help a person with dementia remember what they have lost.B. We focus on their strengths and minimize their limitations.C. We try to teach the person with dementia how to do things.

A. CommunicationB. Our experience with dementia careC. The environmentD. Our approach to personal care

A. TrueB. False

A. Do strange things for no reasonB. Are communicating with their behaviorC. Often do things to make more work for the caregiver

A. TrueB. False

A. Help maintain their skills and abilities.B. Increase positive emotions.C. Decrease problem behaviors.D. All of the above.