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Module 3 – Alzheimer’s Inservice Post Test

A. They may not realize they need assistance.B. They prefer to shower before breakfast.C. They like to use cold water to wash their face.

A. True.B. False.

A. Personal care should always be done quickly.B. Everyone prefers a shower over a bath.C. It is better to do personal care with them than to do care to them.

A. Hurry up so you can get done quickly.B. Keep going and say, 'Don’t worry, we’ll be done soon.'C. Stop and respond to them. Change what you are doing

A. TrueB. False

A. Watch for verbal and non-verbal cues that they need to go to the bathroom.B. Make sure it is easy to find the bathroom.C. Don’t blame or shame then if they are incontinent.D. All of the above.

A. Stand behind them and tell them to eat faster.B. Wait 5 minutes and then start feeding them.C. Check with them now and then, but allow them the time they need.