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Aging In Place

In-Home Assistance Can Help to Fend Off Falls

Almost 50% of seniors report having a fear of falling.  Their anxiety is not unfounded as it is projected that 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year.

Among seniors who reported having fallen, 66% sustained injuries, and many who fell are likely to fall again within six months. An even more concerning statistic is that falls account for 40% of injury-related deaths within this group.  It’s not surprising that a large number of seniors develop “post fall syndrome.”

Post-Fall Syndrome is a loss of confidence, hesitancy, and tentativeness with resultant reduction of mobility and independence. Even falls that do not result in physical injuries can result in “post-fall syndrome.”  In fact, 25% of older people who fell curtail their activities for fear of falling again.

Fortunately, many falls can be avoided by making minor adjustments in the home environment and getting assistance with activities of daily living that may put a person at risk. Ho’okele Caregivers Maui can do a Home Safety Assessment, and Design a Care Plan to provide support for a senior to continue to live independently.

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